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What is Scaravelli inspired Yoga?

Scaravelli inspired Yoga

This approach to working with the body begins when we let go of external short-term goals and objectives and invite our attention inward into the felt sense.

When we learn to observe our sensations, breathing patterns and way of holding ourselves and open more fully into our experience of letting go, we can begin to invite the whole body to take part in the movements we’re making.

Learning to work with gravity and space we allow the body and breath to unfold with more ease, creating a more meaningful relationship between body and mind, our sense of health and well-being.

“Claudia is a great teacher and I am so glad I found her practise.  It has helped me relax, unwind but also tone up muscles I forgot I had.  My posture has got so much better, which has helped my horse riding and flexibility.  

She taught me how to breathe and move with more ease.  Her teaching is inclusive, kind and caring and fun. Claudia holds a beautiful space in a lovely setting with likeminded people all coming together to enjoy the calm movement of our bodies to keep active and agile.”

Tracey. Glos

Yoga’s Benefits

This way of working with the body is slow, explorative and mindful, sustainable and stress -free. Peeling back the layers of conditioning, postural habits and poor breathing patterns.

Returning to an inner knowing and whole sense that brings about joy and freedom of body, mind and soul. One breath at a time.

Tension is who we think we should be, relaxation is who we are.

Chinese Proverb

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