Where and When


Deepen your experience

I offer monthly weekend workshops to deepen our practice, understanding and experience of our body-mind and allow for more time to unwind, relax and release.

A lovely opportunity for self-care and a nourishing way to let our Sunday morning unfold with more ease.

Yoga Sunday Soul

First Sunday of the month 120 min 10am -12 noon.
The cost for each workshop is £25 and is held at Gretton Village Hall.

Spring 2024:

Sunday 4th February

Sunday 3rd March

Sunday 14th April

“Claudia is an empathetic and skilled teacher, with an innate ability to communicate with great clarity and insightfulness. I find her use of visual imagery incredibly helpful.

She is aware of and attentive to each person in the class and devotes time to give individual guidance. This means that the Sunday workshops have the feel of a personal session, and are a joy to participate in.”

Gretton Yoga Day with Bill Wood

2024 Dates

  • Sunday 12th May
  • Sunday 3rd November

During this session we’ll explore how asanas can be felt more as places of balance within us, rather than as specific physical shapes – places we can access via feeling rather than mind, as our practice becomes as much a form of mindfulness as it is a bodywork – where the asanas can become fluid expressions of this growing awareness, as our body becomes stronger, more released, and more at ease.

Author of “A Journey into Being: Practising Yoga from Within,” and a teacher since 1994, Bill runs online and in person classes from his base in south Devon, and teaches workshops and retreats all round the UK.

While inspired by many different yoga and meditation traditions, his main influence has been the teachings of the late Vanda Scaravelli, and he continues to study with Sandra Sabatini, one of her longest standing students.

Away from his mat he also mentors students in the world of outdoor education and nature connection; worked previously as a psychotherapist for 10 years; and can often be found paddling a canoe somewhere between Dartmoor and the sea.

The Source 

A Course with John Stirk

2024: ‘6’ hour course spread over two days
held at Orange Yoga Studios Cheltenham.

Friday 14th June. 6 – 9 pm

Saturday 15th June. 10am – 1.0pm

The Source
A Workshop for Teachers
There is an authentic intelligence that emanates from an unknown source. Its ever presence supports spiritual insight and a sense of realization. It represents the font of our existence, a place, the only place we really share, and it provides the source that drives inspired teaching and awakens moment to moment possibility.
This practical workshop invites transformative shifts in consciousness by engaging the subtle sensitivity of the body.
We inhabit a quantum world and we can celebrate the beauty and power of its indivisibility with our students.

John Stirk
Is a yoga teacher and author with a background in Osteopathy. John’s work highlights the power of group work and the potential insight that arises spontaneously within the group field. He points to the value of group energy and our potential for ‘moving beyond’ when practicing in the company of others.
John has been teaching in the UK and internationally for 45 years, has run many courses for teachers, and is the author of several books, notably The Original Body, Primal Movement for Yoga Teachers (2015) and Deeper Still, Authentic Embodiment for Yoga teachers (2021)

“Having practised yoga on and off for many years I am now hooked on this thoughtful style of yoga which is gentle yet also strong. Over an extended period of time in the 2 hour workshop there is the opportunity to explore and develop movement in a way which is liberating and powerful. I have been surprised at what it has been possible to do and to feel within these Sunday sessions.”

Suzanne. Gretton